Khryps'k (Khrypsk, Xripsk) - detailed paper map for printing, free download, road maps, topographic map in jpg

village Khryps'k (Khrypsk, Xripsk) (Volyn oblast, Shats'kyi district).

GPS coordinates: 51.63849 N, 23.72738 E (Wikimapia)
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1:100000 (1-kilometere Soviet General Staff map, there are 1 kilometre in one centimetre)

1:500000 (5-kilometer Soviet General Staff map, there are 5 kilometres in one centimetre)

The map can be used as a route map to navigate through the cities and villages:
Adamchuky, Budnyky, Haivka, Holiadyn, Hrabove, Hupaly, Kam'yanka, Khomychi, Khryps'k, Koshary, Krasnyi Bir, Lokutky, Mel'nyky, Omel'ne, Ostriv'ya, Pereshpa, Pidmanove, Pishcha, Polozheve, Pul'mo, Pulemets', Rohovi Smoliary, Rostan', Samiilychi, Shats'k, Smoliary-Svitiaz'ki, Stolyns'ki Smoliary, Svitiaz', Verbivka, Vil'shanka, Zabuzhzhia, Zalissia, Zaozerne, Zatyshshia, Zhorany.

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- Map for phones (tablet).
- Map for genealogical research.

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