Map services with maps of Ukraine overview.


Map types: raster, aerial photography
1:50 000, Latvia, Poland, Israel, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece.
1:100 000 Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Israel, Transcaucasia and others
Scale: 1:50 000 - 1:1000 000
Bindings: available (partially)
Maps dating: XVIII century. - 2006
The ability to download maps: yes.

Undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive collections of both modern and historical maps of Ukraine and other countries. Maps are well ordered.

A few years ago one could download some of the most detailed maps of the Soviet General Staff Urkaina so-called 500 metrovku (1 centimeter on the map displayed 500 meters of land), but they were seized in connection with the requirements of the legislation. Although they were given more than 20 years ago, but until now have not lost relevance. So now left to settle for less detailed maps - kilometer maps of the General Staff of the USSR and kilometer maps made in 2006 year (maps made in 2006 cover only the western part of the territory of Ukraine).

The site also provides a wealth of historical maps, which basically cover the west of Ukraine and Kiev.

Useful feature of the site is the ability to search for a particular locality on the map in "List of Ukraine cities and villages".


Map types: raster
Territory: Ukraine, Poland
Scale: 1:2 800 - 1:28 800
Bindings: none
Maps dating: XVIII century. - 1977
The ability to download maps: no.

The site presents a rare historical town plans in good resolution:
Brody, Ivano-Frankivsk, Krakow, Lutsk, Lviv, Przemysl, Sokal, stry, Ternopil, Truskavets, Chernivtsi.


Map types: raster
Territory: Ukraine, Poland, Belarus
Scale: 1:25 000 - 1:300 000
Bindings: none
Maps dating: ~ 1930. - ~ 1950
The ability to download maps: yes.

Poland historical maps, site is frequently updated. Available maps of the territory of Ukraine and Belarus.

Map types: Luftwaffe aerial, historical raster maps, Soviet and German strategic battles maps of World War II.
Territory: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia
Scale: 1:25 000 - 1:1000 000
Bindings: none
Maps dating: XIX century. - 1944
The ability to download maps: yes

The collection is regularly updated. Interesting section of the site is aerial cities of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine war period (Luftwaffe), which also contains aerial photo of the villages. On the first page the author of the site indicates the possibility of free receiving maps with better quality by sending him email letter.


Map types: aerial photography.
Territory: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia
Bindings: none
Map dating: 1939 - 1945
The ability to download maps: yes (here is description of how to do it)

Also a good collection of aerial photography of the period World War II, in the site can be found overview map of geocoded aerial photography.

Some other sites with maps: - good collection Ukraine maps, as well as Egypt, Turkey, Montenegro and others.

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