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urban village Foros (Krym, m. Ialta).

GPS coordinates: 44.39026 N, 33.78502 E (Wikimapia)
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1:100000 (1-kilometere Soviet General Staff map, there are 1 kilometre in one centimetre)

1:500000 (5-kilometer Soviet General Staff map, there are 5 kilometres in one centimetre)

The map can be used as a route map to navigate through the cities and villages:
Aromat, Bahata Ushchelyna, Berehove, Foros, Holuba Zatoka, Holubynka, Katsiveli, Kholmivka, Krasnyi Mak, Kuibysheve, Male Sadove, Nahirne, Novopillia, Novoul'ianivka, Nyzhnia Holubynka, Olyva, Opolzneve, Parkove, Plotynne, Poliana, Ponyzivka, Putylivka, Sanatorne, Sokolyne, Soniachnosillia, Tankove, Velyke Sadove, Vysoke, Zalisne.

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Page also contains answers to the questions:
- How to get to urban village Foros?
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- Map for phones (tablet).
- Map for genealogical research.

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